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6 romantic destinations in Portugal to go on a date

Destinos românticos

There are those who adore it, and those who hate it, but every year Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to pick up who we like the most and spend a different day.

This year, I looked at all the places I’ve had the opportunity to visit in Portugal, and chosen six romantic destinations, so you don’t miss the date.


Aveiro was a recent discovery, and I surrendered to the city. Dubbed “Portuguese Venice,” because of its various water channels, a trip here can be the perfect recipe for all lovers.

Offer a trip through the canals on board a moliceiro, the typical boat of the region; pay a visit to the salt fields; or indulge in gastronomic pleasures, surrendering to the famous soft eggs.

And to take full advantage of this place, you can always stay in a local hotel and discover the city by night.



The landscape of Douro is considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and with good reason. The terraced hillsides molded by man, the living waters of the Douro River and the various shades of green enchant all who visit.

Explore the wine estates and sample the local nectars.



A little bit of my heart stayed in Gerês. But don’t worry, because it is a giant heart! I can’t help myself as the Peneda-Gerês National Park is one of the most beautiful natural sites I’ve ever seen.

The vegetation, the waterfalls, the picturesque villages, the fountains, and streams. All make up the perfect setting for a stroll, any time of the year.

My suggestion is to go two days and spend the night in São Bento da Porta Aberta, so you have plenty of time to see everything.

Mata do Buçaco


At the risk of becoming repetitive, Mata do Buçaco is another charming place. It’s also knowned as the “relic forest”, such is the antiquity and beauty of this site. The fascinating tour begins with a visit to the Buçaco Palace. Today transformed into a hotel, even if you don’t have a budget to stay, ask to see the common areas. They’re beautiful!

Afterwards, get to know the old convent, the Via Sacra and the paths and corners of this century-old forest.

Serra da Lousã

Lousã is another mountain that will surprise you in Portugal. There, natural beauty joins history and, beyond the village, you can visit the castle, one of the first defensive lines that protected the access to Coimbra.

The itinerary also includes the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy and the river beach. Then go into the mountain to discover the old stone villages.

Terra Nostra Park

Terra Nostra

Let’s now leave the continent for a trip to São Miguel, in the Azores. The island is fantastic and has a lot to see, from Lagoa das Sete Cidades to Gorreana Tea Factory. But Terra Nostra Park is my suggestion for a romantic stroll with your loved one.

Trees, plants, corners, and nooks that give the motto to an irresistible ride. And there’s no lack of a sizeable thermal tank, with hot water, where you can bathe.

Romantic destinations in Portugal

What do you think? Did you like the suggestions? Did you already know these places? If you have other romantic destinations to suggest, you can always do so in the comments box below. I love new tips!

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