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SmartDelay, the new advantage of Revolut!

SmartDelay Revolut

Since I discovered the Revolut card, I couldn’t be happier. I use it for everything! Not only while traveling, since it allows me to make withdrawals and payments without bank fees, but even for standard internet purchases.

Want to know what Revolut is all about and how to join? Check it here:

Now, Revolut added another benefit: the SmartDelay.

Revolut cardholders in the Premium and Metal plans now have free access to the airport VIP lounges, if their air connection is delayed by 60 minutes or more. Regardless of the airplane ticket purchased.

There are more than 1000 lounges, in 500 airports, in more than 100 countries, where you can have access to free meals, Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, and, as a rule, very comfortable spaces to rest.

But that’s not all! If you are a Premium customer, you’ll be able to take a companion to the lounge, while the Revolut Metal cardholder can extend the courtesy to three more guests.

We know that travel is an important part of the life of Revolut customers. That’s why we partner with Collinson to make these moments as stress-free as possible. Now, our Premium and Metal customers can travel knowing that, with just a few clicks on their Revolut app, they will be able to spend the waiting hours in some comfort and without any additional charge.”

George Robson, responsible for Revolut’s Premium and Metal plans

Currently, Revolut Premium and Metal customers were already able to buy access to airport lounges at a discount. Still, this new benefit adds even more value to the card (and subscription) and is a precious help in unpredictable moments of the trip.

Access to SmartDelay means that Revolut customers can rest assured when they travel, that if they need it, they will have immediate access to Collinson’s leading global lounger network. All without having to deal with travel insurance claims, which are always lengthy procedures”.

David Evans, CEO of Collinson
Airport Lounge Aeroporto

How does Revolut SmartDelay work?

To access this new service, you only have to be a Revolut Premium or Metal customer, enter the app and go to Panel > VIP Rooms.

Below the phrase “Add lounge pass,” there will be another that says, “Is your flight delayed?”.

Follow that link, put in the data requested about your flight, and, if there’s a delay by more than an hour, you will be offered free VIP passes for yourself and your travel mates.

Then, just head to the lounge entrance, show the pass you received on the app and enjoy a well-deserved rest, without having to squirm in an uncomfortable chair or with others tripping over your legs.

Is your flight delayed? Did you know that with the Revolut card, you can enjoy the lounges of more than 500 airports while you wait? I'll tell you everything in this post.
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