In the Natural Park of the International Tagus, in a small town called Malpica do Tejo, we found Tasca Maria Faia. A true altar of typical delicacies of the Beira Baixa region.

Following the road passing through the natural park, we got to Malpica do Tejo, a small village lost in the middle of Beira Baixa. Or is it the Alto Alentejo region? Here is hard to tell where one ends and another begins. A place were the landscape and the flavors blend.

There’s not much to see because the place is small, so finding Tasca Maria Faia shouldn’t be hard.

From the outside you may think that you’re entering a typical tavern, but when inside you’ll found out a renovated space that respects popular features, but without letting go some modern traits.

The name of the tavern, “Maria Faia”, comes from one of the songs by Portuguese singer Zeca Afonso collected in Malpica do Tejo.

To the table we ordered the river crayfish, one of the house’s suggestions. From the Tagus river, as it should be. And for less than 5 euros it was served to us a dish full of them. Delicious, plain cooked, winning for their taste alone.

Introductions aside, the table received with open arms the Loin with Chestnuts and the Venison Stew with Red Fruits, served with peach slices and raspberry jam, which cuts the meat strong flavor.

With wine, dessert and coffee to the mix, the final figure was around 15 euros per person. A bargain considering the quality of what was served.

And while you’re in the area, how about a boat ride on the Tagus? Know that this is the perfect place for birdwatching. Inquire at the restaurant how you can reserve a trip.

Tasca Maria Faia

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