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TreeCasa Nicaragua – A House In a Tree

TreeCasa Resort

When I went to Nicaragua this year, TreeCasa Resort in San Juan del Sur was one of the few accommodations I had booked. I only knew the location of the photos I’ve seen on the website, which are beautiful. So, my expectation was high when I started to climb the dirt road that gives access to the resort.

And they were fulfilled entirely!

A big house welcomes those who arrive. The walls almost don’t exist, only the roof made of wood and straw (can I call it straw?). Here is the place of check-in, but, from there, our look is diverted to what awaits us: a large enclosure, where a considerable lake stands out, a prominent restaurant building, and the blue water from the pool that invites us for a swim.

TreeCasa Resort reception
The reception house in TreeCasa Resort
Inside TreeCasa
The front desk view

Naturally, TreeCasa

But before we dive in, the first stop is in the suite that peaks through the treetops.

What we found was a cabin with a small kitchenette, a large bedroom and a balcony overlooking the entire resort.

Of note is the decoration made up of wooden furniture, the beautiful shades of earth, the tree trunks always lurking and remembering where we are.

TreeCasa cabin
My front door
Cabin TreeCasa Resort

The roof of the accommodation is the same as the entrance building, but the bedroom has its own ceiling, preventing any curious insect or gecko from venturing to the place where we sleep.

And talking about the bedroom, let me tell you that the king-size bed was the most comfortable I slept during the whole trip to Nicaragua.

As for the balcony, with a remarkable view, it offers chairs where we can relax and a hammock where you can read a book or even take a nap to the sound of the forest.

TreeCasa cabin room
My beautiful room at TreeCasa
TreeCasa cabin room
TreeCasa cabin room
TreeCasa cabin view
The cabin view

Flavors of Nicaragua

Outside we find a tangle of passageways that serve the various huts in the trees, through the space dedicated to yoga and a large tree where they built several levels that allow different angles of vision and a delightful area to exchange conversation between friends.

TreeCasa Resort Yoga Deck
Just follow the sign
TreeCasa Resort
The structure built in one of the biggest trees in the resort
TreeCasa Resort
And the beautiful view
TreeCasa Resort

During my stay, I also had the privilege of tasting the delicacies from the TreeCasa’s kitchen. The chef picks up from the garden, just 200 meters away, the inspiration for the dishes.

He speaks with pride of all the organic ingredients that are available and this love for local products is seen in the confection of food and in the dishes that arrive at the table. Any recipe with vegetables is full of flavor and freshness. It’s worth a try!

I can’t fail to emphasize the professionalism and sympathy of the entire TreeCasa team. The atmosphere lived in the resort is of a real union between all those who work there. In fact, on our last day, they were preparing a big party for all the employees and their families.

With this in mind, it’s only natural that despite the political and social conflicts that have taken place in the country, TreeCasa Resort has chosen to keep the doors open, continuing to receive guests and keep the current jobs.

The experience at TreeCasa was genuinely surprising, and I can not recommend it more if you like nature, birdwatching, a large pool (with a slide!), and surf, of course! San Juan Del Sur is one of the leading surf destinations in the country and TreeCasa is about 15 minutes from the near beach.

TreeCasa Swimming pool

Curious about the TreeCasa Resort? Then, take a peek at the video I made:

How do you like TreeCasa Resort? What pleased you the most? Do you have a question about this accommodation in Nicaragua? I can try to help answer it. Just comment in the message box below.

TreeCasa Resort

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Disclaimer: I was invited to stay at the TreeCasa Resort, and I have to thank for all the kindness and hospitality. But, as always, all the photos and opinions are mine, reflecting the whole experience honestly.

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  • Aaron Smith

    What a beautiful house. I could live there forever! Thanks for sharing.

    • Marlene Marques

      Thank you so much for your comment, Aaron. It’s indeed a wonderful place. 🙂

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