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Café Colonial — Conquest By Flavor

Café Colonial Lisboa

Maybe I should start this post by making a disclaimer about Chef Vasco Lello. Vasco is a long time friend. I knew him when he was still in school, taking the first steps in the fabulous world of cooking. I have followed through and through his career and his evolution as a chef. Knowing his goals, no wonder that in recent years he has led the kitchens of some of the best hotels in Lisbon.

His latest venture is Café Colonial at Memmo Príncipe Real, recently voted one of the best city hotels in the world by Monocle. This responsibility didn’t prevent Chef Vasco Lello from drawing a menu, without any prejudices, with a mixture of ingredients and improbable flavors, as unlikely as the passage of the Portuguese in some of the countries where he sought inspiration.

It was last weekend that I indulged myself in these colonial whims, not knowing what was coming to me in a dish or glass. Is there a better way to try a menu?

Café Colonial Lisbon

The dishes made my taste buds leap with joy. First, some salmon and beef tacos, then an oyster with a sauce that’s difficult to describe, some shrimp croquettes, a risotto and a curry where the fish is king and a meat dish that melts in the mouth.

Of course, I’m not a gastronomic critic and can’t point out all the ingredients used in the making of these wonders. But who wants to know when the taste leaves no doubts as to its quality?

Also, the drinks came on the table depending on the dishes served. A sour whiskey welcome cocktail (delightful!), a sparkling Murganheira, a white and red that furthered the flavors.

Get to know Café Colonial

I have to talk about the room. The Colonial Café is a place full of refinement q.b., it has all the requirements of a five-star, without falling over exaggeration. Here, guests can have a lively conversation, while the ambient music makes the Colonial even more enjoyable. Also, service is attentive and careful.

In terms of the value of the meal, it all depends on what is consumed. We are in a five-star hotel, very trendy, so prepare some budget to spend.

But I assure you that it’s worth it!

Café Colonial Lisbon

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Note from Surfer Girl: Although Vasco Lello is my friend, I paid for my own meal and was never asked to share my opinion. I do this for truly being an incredible dining experience.


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