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campeonato mundial de surf

The stage of the World Surf Tour in Peniche has already become a mandatory event for surfers or Portuguese fans. The 2017 competition has passed, but this post will help you weigh the pros and cons of a trip to Supertubos in 2018.

Salini Rengganis

Salini Rengganis is one of the hopes of women’s surfing in Indonesia. I had the opportunity to meet her when I traveled to Java last summer. Get to know this surfer girl full of energy and talent!

Best surf destinations

Whether you’re a beach lover, ready to learn surfing for the first time, or a really wave expert, there’s a place in the world that’s perfect for you! See this list of countries to surf and choose your next trip.


Get to know the story of Lisa, a Portuguese surfer who indulged in the spirituality of the sea and the comfort of the drawing.

Nazaré Challenge

If you have heard of Nazaré, in Portugal, you have certainly heard stories about the giant waves that exist there. It was just a few years ago that surfer Garrett McNamara broke the Guinness record with the biggest wave ever surfed.

A mala da prancha de surf

For those who think that making a surftrip is as easy as picking up the board and hit the road… you’re wrong! There’s much to take into account when we’re making our travel bag.

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