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Get to know the story of Lisa, a Portuguese surfer who indulged in the spirituality of the sea and the comfort of the drawing.

Nazaré Challenge

If you have heard of Nazaré, in Portugal, you have certainly heard stories about the giant waves that exist there. It was just a few years ago that surfer Garrett McNamara broke the Guinness record with the biggest wave ever surfed.

A mala da prancha de surf

For those who think that making a surftrip is as easy as picking up the board and hit the road… you’re wrong! There’s much to take into account when we’re making our travel bag.

Aeroporto de Munique Munich Airport

Yes, you read it well. What if I told you it will be possible to surf in the airport terminal of the Bavarian capital? And on top during the Oktoberfest?


In Portugal we have a saying: “From Spain, neither good wind nor good marriage”… well, it sounds better in Portuguese. But the truth is that the country has many things that are worth going against the popular saying. And Mundaka is one of them.


When I heard for the first time of Surf Air my surfer antenna gave the signal. Is it an airline dedicated to us, where the boards are never charged, welcome pack comes with a wax bar and movies on board include the View From the Blue Moon, staring John John Florence?

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