No, calm down this airline is yet to come (here’s the tip … someone wants to take it?). Surf Air is like a kind of air Uber or the Netflix of airlines, but for those who have some cash to spend … every year.

Well, imagine a company were you can book the flight through the app, show up 15 minutes before departure time, without having to go through the usual airport queues, and then fly in style to several cities in Europe. And the best of all? Unlimited flights.

Wait, don’t run just yet to pack your bag. Remember what I said before? You must have “some cash to spend.” About 3,250 to be exact. Every month!

Surf Air started flying in the United States – between California, San Francisco, Reno, Palm Springs and Napa – but debuted recently in Europe with flights to London, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, Cannes, Dublin and Ibiza. In the airline’s plans are already Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona. There’s no news about Portugal yet.

What do you think? Would you opt for this kind of service? I want to read your opinions in the comments box below.


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