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Lisbon Restaurant Week 2018 – A Table Full of Sea

Restaurant Week Lisboa

Every year Lisbon Restaurant Week offers a list with some of the best restaurants in the city at a much lower price. This is always a unique opportunity to sample delicacies made by great chefs or menus prepared with unique dishes.

The hard thing is to choose from all the offer. The price is always the same: 20€. Not including drinks and taking into account that 1€ is credited to a social cause.

Fora de Pé at Lisbon Restaurant Week

But let’s start with this edition chosen restaurant — Fora de Pé.

The menu was what led us to this restaurant right in the center of Cascais village, near Lisbon. To tell the truth, we only noticed where it was on the day we went to dinner.

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Welcome to Fora de Pé

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Of course, there had to be a surfboard

Lisbon Restaurant Week

The welcome wagon!

Lisbon Restaurant Week

“Sea” everywhere

Lisbon Restaurant Week

With the wine cellar lurking

With a super bright room, we were welcomed by a large aquarium at the entrance that leaves no room for doubt about what is served in that place: seafood and fish. And that’s precisely what came to our table.

The meal started with a smoked anchovy toast with fresh cream. Usually, I’m not a big fan of anchovy, but this kind was soooo much better.

Lisbon Restaurant Week

The appetizer

From there we set off for the entrance. The idea is to choose one of three suggestions in the special Lisbon Restaurant Week menu, but as we are two, we were able to pick different dishes and thus taste more.

The butter-flavored grilled lingueirão was super satisfying, with the peppers and the coriander giving a different touch. Next came the Sesimbra tuna tartar with avocado and fish eggs. And what I love this little fix eggs, that burst in the mouth like small bombs of sea flavor.

Lisbon Restaurant Week

The lingueirão…

Lisbon Restaurant Week

… and the tartar

Wanting to go back for more

As for the main course, and although there was a meat dish on the menu, we wanted to stay with the sea theme, and we both chose the same: swordfish fillets and coriander rice.

Lisbon Restaurant Week

The main course

Contrary to what one might expect, the servings were generous, especially the main course.

For me, the desserts were the weakest link in this meal. Once again, we decided to choose different sweets to test: saffron rice pudding and a red fruit jelly with sparkling cream and cassis cream. I confess that expectations were high in the second, but it didn’t measure up.

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Saffron in rice pudding? … Not bad

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Oh, jelly, left to be desired…

And because a meal like this could not be accompanied by water, we chose the white Utopia from the Douro region. A pleasant surprise that justified the extra 15€ in the final price.

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Utopia. A pleasant surprise

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Give me good food and I’m a happy camper

With this menu and careful service, Fora de Pé joins my list of excellent establishments at Restaurant Week, including the fabulous The Bazaar in Beverly Hills, USA.

And what about you? Are you a fan of Restaurant Week? If so, what was your best experience? Tell me everything in the comment box below.


Lisbon Restaurant Week

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