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5 romantic cities in Europe to avoid on Valentine’s Day (and where to go)

romantic cities in Europe

When you think of Valentine’s Day, there are undoubtedly countless romantic cities in Europe to celebrate the date in. However, most are capitals of the old continent, already overexposed to tourism. Other towns are invaded by loving couples and hearts on every shop window. Not to mention the widespread rise in prices for accommodation and meals.

So, which European cities to go with your true love on Valentine’s Day?

These 5 romantic destinations in Europe are definitely to be avoided. Still, I leave you with excellent alternatives to spend happier days and, who knows, take the step forward for something more. 😉


Don’t go to…



Of course! Don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this one?… Paris is since I can remember, the “city of love,” the “city of light,” the “city of lovers”… Of course, you must flee from the French capital during St. Valentine’s Day.

If this is the romantic destination of Europe par excellence, by this time, all the love that emanates is in steroids.

Here, a special moment will undoubtedly become commonplace, as you will be doing the same thing as thousands of other couples.

Instead, go to…


Bordeus Bordeaux

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, Bordeaux often passes under the radar. But this European city may well be the ideal place to go on Valentine’s Day.

You can stroll through the Place de la Bourse, one of the most emblematic local spots, and wander around the Saint Pierre district. Considered as the “historic heart of the city,” its old streets accompany the riverside promenade.

Also, don’t leave out the cathedral and the Place des Quinconces, one of the largest in Europe.

And, remember, you’re in Bordeaux… the leading wine destination in France! Imagine a walk with your partner in one of the emblematic vineyards, accompanied by a tasting of the region’s renowned wine. Oh, la la!


Don’t go to…


Veneza Venice

Venice is either loved or hated, but visiting the Italian city on Valentine’s Day can go a long way to make it fall from grace on your list of preferences.

Can you imagine yourself in a traffic jam of gondolas, each filled with couples kissing?… if you like the idea, go for it! Who am I to say otherwise. But if it’s not part of your ideal for Valentine’s Day, then leave Venice for another time. 

Instead, go to…



Only recently did I heard about Catania, but this city located on the island of Sicily has many things that can be done together.

Don’t know where Catania is? And if I tell you that it’s at the foot of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe… a climb to this mountain is among the things you can do on Valentine’s Day. But only if the couple is more adventurous, of course.

For those who like other activities, Catania also has a lot to offer.

You can stroll through the most emblematic monuments and climb some of them to the top to have a more romantic view of the city. Also, walk through the traditional fish market or embark on a gastronomic journey of regional flavors.


Don’t go to…


Lisboa Lisbon

I start by making a disclaimer and saying that I rarely have bad things to say about the city that saw me born. I love Lisbon!

However, Valentine’s Day will certainly not be the best time to get to know the Portuguese capital.

Lisboners are crazy about this time, and most stores are full of hearts and Valentine’s Day promotions. Finding a place to dine that night is almost impossible, with all the places full of couples. I think it can be a bit much, even for those who appreciate this date.

Instead, go to…



If there’s a romantic destination in Europe, then it is the Douro region, whatever the time of year.

The landscape here is considered World Heritage, and the wine estates are centuries old, with an incredible history and excellent wines.

In the Douro, find suitable accommodation with a bucolic view of the river and spend a dream stay with your better half.

You can also celebrate the date with something more moderate (at least in price) and take a tour aboard a traditional boat, up the river, without losing sight of the terraced vineyards … and your partner, of course!


Don’t go to…


Londres London

Yes, you may be thinking of going up to the London Eye while looking into your partner’s eyes and making declarations of love… but everyone around you may be doing the same. Special moment: 0.

London is a super exciting capital, but I don’t think you’ll gain much by choosing it to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

Of course, with money, everything is possible (London can be a costly city), and you surely have fantastic options to win over your loved one.

But if you are traveling on a low budget, you might end up with a fish and chips dinner as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Instead, go to…



Bath was one of the great surprises of the end of 2019. I went there when I was in Bristol and was delighted with the city.

Bath’s history is long and has Roman baths as one of its main attractions.

Bath’s architecture is magnificent, to the extent that it inspired writer Jane Austen herself, and the streets are full of life, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and small cafes to visit.

And with a name like this, the best romantic option is to visit a spa and plunge into relaxing waters. There are some to choose from and to spend quiet and relaxed moments as a couple.


Don’t go to…


Sevilha Seville

Seville is always an option as a place to go on Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, but if the tourism that the city receives every month wasn’t enough, the fact that it’s always on the lists of romantic cities in Europe will certainly not be favorable for you to spend a few relaxed days.

Of course, the Spanish city has to be seen one day, with its Alcázar and the magnificent cathedral. But leave this visit for another occasion.

Instead, go to…



How many couples spent hours on the couch, curled up, watching “Game of Thrones”? Girona is the ideal destination to go on Valentine’s Day if you are a G.O.T.’s fan. It served as the setting for many emblematic scenes of the TV series.

But for traveler-lovers who don’t care about it, Girona will certainly not disappoint.

From the Jewish quarter, one of the best-preserved in the world, to the famous cathedral, with its long staircase, or to the picturesque streets of this walled Spanish city. A cup of coffee and two words of love exchanged on a terrace in Plaça de la Independencia sounds the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic cities in Europe

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Thinking of traveling on Valentine's Day? Romantic cities in Europe can become a real nightmare at this time. Know which ones to avoid and which ones to choose to be happy ever after.

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