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Surfing in Sardinia – Discover the Mediterranean waves

Surf na Sardenha. Surf in Sardinia

“Are you going surfing in Sardinia? But are there any waves in the Mediterranean?” I don’t even know how many times I heard this when I mentioned to friends and acquaintances that I was going to take boards on my trip to Sardinia.

Yes, there are waves in the Mediterranean, and they can even reach a reasonable size. However, the period in which the waves reach surfable conditions is considerably shorter than those to which we are possibly accustomed.

In Sardinia, it’s normal for the swell to last one to two days and then calm down again and leave the local surfers thirsty for more.

But how are there waves in the Mediterranean?

Waves on the ocean surface are usually formed by wind. When wind blows, it transfers the energy through friction. The faster the wind, the longer it blows, or the farther it can blow uninterrupted, the bigger the waves. Therefore, a wave’s size depends on wind speed, wind duration, and the area over which the wind is blowing (the fetch). This variability leads to waves of all shapes and sizes.

Ocean – Smithsonian Institute

Thus, despite being an “inner” sea, the Mediterranean is not without wind and even storms, which, depending on their intensity, generate waves.

Because the Mediterranean Sea is not as extensive as the others, like the Atlantic, for example, the wind doesn’t gain the speed or travel the length necessary to form huge waves or for a long time.

The best beaches for surfing in Sardinia

That said, the best waves in Sardinia will depend on which side the low pressures and wind direction are, with the safest bet being the west side of the island.

Here are the best-known waves and beaches to surf in Sardinia.

  • Silver Rock
  • Porto Ferro
  • La Speranza
  • S’Archittu
  • Sa Mesa Longa
  • Capo Mannu
  • Piscinas
  • Buggerru

Want more details about the best waves in Sardinia?

Stay tuned for content updates on the blog. Very soon, a new guide will come out with all the details about surfing in Sardinia and all the attractions you can’t miss on this Italian island.

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How to get to Sardinia with surfboards

Sardinia is not exactly a surfing destination par excellence in Europe, so don’t be surprised to be the only person carrying a surfboard at the airport, especially if traveling in the low season.

Other than that, precautions are always the same: pack the boards well and rent a car with the capacity to transport them.

There are two main airports on the island: Cagliari (to the south) and Alghero (to the north).

Cagliari airport is the largest and receives the most flights, including those from mainland Italy. Therefore, if you are coming from far away, you may have to stop over in another Italian city before reaching Sardinia.

On the other hand, if you come from other European countries and want to travel cheaper, Ryanair works with direct flights to Alghero. At least, that’s how I arrived from Portugal.

Last tips!

Opt for smaller and ” fatter” boards because the waves here are generally not as big or challenging as in other destinations. And remember to take all the tips of places to visit, so if you are unlucky and don’t catch any good swell during your visit, you will be fine.

If you are really going for the sole purpose of surfing on that island, follow the forecast for the region and choose to stay longer than just one week. Then, you’ll have a bigger chance of success.

As in all trips that involve surfing, and because we are still traveling during a time when Covid-19 is looming, be sure to take travel insurance. Opt for Heymodo, and because you are a Marlene On The Move reader, you get a 5% discount on your policy.

If you are thinking about surfing in Sardinia, discover its surf spots and learn how it is possible to have waves in the Mediterranean.


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  • Patrick Power

    Hello Marlene.

    I will be in Sardegna for 2 weeks, next week.
    We will be based in the south mostly, but are renting a place at S’archittu on the west coast for 3 nights. Finding it difficult to find information on any surfboard renting, or second hand/used boards sales in Sardegna.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Regards, Patrick Power.

    • Marlene Marques

      Hi, Patrick Thanks for reaching out. In my case, I travel with my own boards and didn’t find the need to rent any. But I talked to a good friend in Sardegna and he gave me the link to a local surf club:
      Try to contact them and see if they can rent you the boards. And I’m sure they will be great for some surf local knowledge also
      Hope this was helpful and let me know how it turned out.
      Happy travel!

  • Botas de Homem

    Place where I will go soon.
    Excellent travel tips.
    Nice pictures.

    • Marlene Marques

      So glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you have a great time in Sardinia!

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