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Top surf camps to visit in 2024

Top surf camps to go

Traveling to surf can be challenging. There are so many things to think about and plan, and one of them is accommodation.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love to stay in any beachside room. I remember the old warungs in Bingin, Bali, which I used to rent for €2.50 a night, prices that no longer exist today.

But if, on the other hand, you like to be a little more comfortable, have good meals, and enjoy the experience of local surfers, surf camps are your best bet.

Whether traveling alone or with company, in surf camps, you can take lessons (if you have no experience) and experience the community spirit of surfing, living with other surfers who have different life experiences and many stories to tell.

The growth of surfing in specific destinations around the world has led to the development of this type of accommodation and, as a result, today, there’s plenty to choose from, with prices to suit all wallets.

In this article, I’ll provide you with some destinations to add to your list and accommodations to include in your next trip.

Lapoint Surf Camps

Lapoint has surf camps all over the world, and they’re some of the best I’ve ever stayed at. I’ve stayed with them in Sri Lanka, El Salvador, and, most recently, on a boat trip to the Maldives. Although more expensive, it’s worth taking a look at their offers.

Surf camps to stay in on your next surf trip


Surf in Portugal
©Eduardo Cruz / Unsplash

Portugal is every surfer’s European dream. I’m suspicious since I’m a Portuguese surfer. Still, given that the country has a long coastline, consistent swells, and an incredible surf culture, there are plenty of opportunities to catch waves.

Ericeira, a World Surfing Reserve, has world-class waves such as Coxos and Ribeira d’Ilhas. Still, other destinations are worth exploring, such as Costa da Caparica, Peniche, or Sagres.

Why stay at a Surf Camp in Portugal?

 Surf camps in Portugal provide the ultimate immersion in this country’s lifestyle and surfing. From the guidance of local experts in the water to cozy accommodation and more typical experiences, Portuguese surf camps offer the perfect blend of learning and camaraderie.

Costa Rica

Surf in Costa Rica
©Max Böttinger / Unsplash

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is synonymous with epic waves and lush tropical landscapes. From the legendary waves of Playa Hermosa to the beginner-friendly waves of Tamarindo, Costa Rica offers everything for everyone.

With beaches often surrounded by nature reserves, surfers can also catch a glimpse of wildlife while waiting for the next set.

Why stay at a Surf Camp in Costa Rica?

Surf camps in Costa Rica offer a gateway to adventure in and out of the water. With experienced instructors leading the way, surfers can hone their skills while exploring one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.


Surf in Morocco
©Louis Hansel / Unsplash

With its laid-back vibe and consistent surf, Morocco is a magnet for wave lovers looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience. From the famous point breaks of Taghazout to the secluded bays of Sidi Kaouki, the Moroccan coast offers a wide variety of waves to try.

Why stay at a Surf Camp in Morocco?

Surf camps in Morocco are a unique blend of Moroccan hospitality and surf culture. Surrounded by desert landscapes and traditional Berber villages, surfers can immerse themselves in the local way of life while looking for waves along that incredible coastline.

Sri Lanka

Surf in Sri Lanka
©sasha set / Unsplash

Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches and warm waters make it an idyllic destination for surfers looking for easy waves and a tropical vibe. From the laid-back surf town of Arugam Bay to the reefs of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of surf spots just waiting to be explored.

Why stay in a Surf Camp in Sri Lanka?

Surf camps in Sri Lanka are the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Surfers can spend their days catching waves and exploring the country’s cultural treasures. Imagine a sunset yoga session after a great day of surfing, followed by a traditional Sri Lankan meal shared with fellow surfers.


Surf in Indonesia
©Corey Serravite / Unsplash

The Indonesian archipelago is a mecca for surfers, with world-renowned surfing destinations such as Bali, Sumbawa, Lombok, and the Mentawai Islands. But whether you’re catching tubes in Bali or seeking solitude on the remote shores of Sumbawa, know that Indonesia offers endless surfing adventures.

Why stay at a Surf Camp in Indonesia?

Surf camps in Indonesia offer access to some of the best waves on the planet, knowledge about them, and the best conditions to surf them. With comfortable accommodations, expert coaching, and a relaxed atmosphere, these camps are the perfect base to explore this country’s surfing.

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There you have it: the ultimate surf camp adventure awaits you in 2024!

Whether you’re drawn to Portugal’s rugged coastline, Costa Rica’s tropical paradise, Morocco’s cultural wonders, Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches, or Indonesia’s world-class waves, there’s always the perfect place to stay waiting for you.

So pack your bags and wax your board, but before you go, comment below on your destination of choice for this year.

Discover the best surf camps in Portugal, Costa Rica, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia for an unforgettable surfing adventure this year.
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