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The world’s best travel destinations await you. From the American continent to Europe, from Asia to Oceania, discover the best places to travel.


The recent terrorist attacks could only turn into this. This week the European Parliament adopted a policy that validates the delivery of personal passenger information by airlines to the authorities of EU Member States. The goal: to fight terrorism and crime.


For those who don’t know the name Steve McCurry will certainly relate when I show you one of the most famous National Geographic magazine covers — the portrait of the Afghan girl with big green eyes.


When I travel by plane I have a single thought: the men that pilot the plane don’t want to die and, even for pure survival instinct, they’ll do everything in their power to reach safe haven … or rather, safe airport.

But what if the problem is in the plane or its maintenance? Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it. Or can we?


A few years ago, the Tourism of Queensland (Australia) offered an irresistible job: the caretaker post on the island of Hamilton, on the Great Barrier Reef…


If, like me, you like to wander this country’s bookstores (and others), then this place is for you.

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