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Traveling is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, a way of life, experiencing the best the world has to offer.

Coliseu Rome City Pass

Rome, the city of monuments and Ancient History. If you’re planning to visit the Italian capital, check out the Rome City Pass, access to the main tourist attractions, that also gives you various discounts. Here’s the travel tip.

Cacela Velha

Our stay was short, but the chosen venue couldn’t be more beautiful. In Santa Rita, very close to Cacela Velha, there’s a perfect accommodation to spend the days between the silence of a small hill and the beauty of the Algarve beach.

necessaire de viagem travel necessaire

I know sometimes taking everything we want in the travel necessaire can be a big challenge. Like “how many people can we fit inside a Mini”. In this post I show you how I can carry almost two dozen products in my little bag.

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